TB & Covid-19

Raise in TB deaths due to Covid-1 Published in European Respiratory Journal

1. CONSIDERATIONS:- Study indicates that in the coming years about 1 lakh of additional TB deaths would occur in India because of poor treatment outcomes and interruption in treatment. Health authorities are advising TB patients that they should take precautions and continue their TB treatment as prescribed. People with TB and Covid-19 show similar symptoms such as Cough, Fever, and difficulty in breathing. Both the bacterial and viral diseases respectively attack primarily the Lungs and their method of transmission are similar.

Health department should urgently maintain continuity of essential services for people affected with TB during the Covid-19 treatment.

2. SPREAD:- TB bacilli suspends in air droplets for many hours after a patient coughs, sneezes, and infects the individual who inhales it. But their concentration decreases with exposure to direct sunlight.

In the case of Covid-19 transmission occurs by direct breathing of droplets. Droplets may land on surfaces and the person gets infected by touching them and then touching their facial parts like eyes, nose, or mouth. HANDWASHING is an extra precaution that is important in the control of Covid-19.

PRIORITY OF GOVERNMENT:- As promised by the Indian government, they targeted 2025 as eliminating year for TB. But today’s scenario indicates the political and economic focus is completely on COVID-19 and thus the priority for TB can shift.

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