About Us

pharmshala.in began in June of 2020. We your host UMESH KUMAR & MANOJ KUMAR SINGH tried our best to design this website in the way any pharma students would like and love to get. They can gather information and content about pharmacy as a college course as well as choosing pharmacy as a career accordingly and we assure that this website will help them in their journey ahead.

We created the pharmshala.in the website with the user’s perspective in mind. We wanted to offer a platform that would provide them all they wish to need about the pharmacy world. We keep it simple, so users can focus on creating their path by glimpses they get and grab through this website. Best of all – it’s free. You can get an online best approach to the syllabus and the sufficient study material at one click here.

After seeing an increased need for the pharmacy study technique, we developed one of the only fully-featured, free and commission-free online information hubs, allowing students, teachers, parents, to aware of the exact scenario of the university, their fees, their study program and many more.

Today, we’re proud to concentrate individuals and visitors of this website to acknowledge themselves through our way of thinking and seeing the pharmacy world. that’s why our tagline is DISCOVER THE ART OF PHARMACY.

Everyone deserves a website, and we’re excited to create and you all are excited to walk over it…..